Sculptural Mezzanine Retro Homes

Sculptural Mezzanine Retro Homes
Art & Design
Mar 2023

Menard Dworkind renovated a home that was originally built in 1981 and designed by Canadian architect Frank McGrath located in Saint-Lambert, Montreal. It is updated with a terracotta fireplace and rounded plaster details for a modern feel. Additionally, it has a grey brick exterior and the backyard of the space was excavated to create a walkout basement with large windows, inviting natural light at a below-ground level.
David Dworkind speaks about the design and influence to Dezeen, stating that "A key inspiration for the project was the central fireplace of the original 1980s house with its base in travertine and terracotta and its curved chimney in a plaster-coated concrete. We originally wanted to keep this element but the updated municipal regulations and building code constraints made it impossible to preserve so we took inspiration from its curved forms and materiality which translates throughout the design of the renovation."
Image Credit: Menard Dworkind